Focus Questions

Our focus question... 

Does the tongue have specific areas that indicate different tastes?

  1. What do humans use to taste?This question was used to solicit the response of taste buds.
  2. How do you tell the difference between salty and sweet? The goal of this question was to see if the subject would describe their perception of the tongue map from prior knowledge. Additionally, we wanted to see if the subjects who could not remember studying this in school proved or disproved the tongue map.
  3. Do you recognize this photo from school? (Subjects were given a photo of the proposed tongue map) We used this question to determine which subjects remembered this being taught in school and which do not.  If they did remember, we attempted to gauge their retention by showing them the tongue map and asking them which zones tasted which flavor.
  4. What should we do to change this phenomenon? This question was used to prove humans have an innate desire to learn regardless of what is taught in school and how sometimes what we teach may stick with them regardless of truth.